Pastor V. Julie Modeste-Rhymer (Julie Rhymer)

Pastor Julie Rhymer is the president and pastor of TWIGS Ministry, Inc. and has served in ministry for over thirty years.  Coming from a strict religious upbringing, she has been committed, dedicated, and has managed to hold on to the profession of her faith amidst great adversity and struggles.  As the founder and visionary behind TWIGS Ministry since it’s birthing in 1999, Pastor Rhymer was determined to enable women to become fully aware of the power and authority they have in accordance with the written word of God.  She retired from her banking management profession and answered the call of God to full time ministry along with her husband, Bishop Melvin H. Rhymer Jr, on September 22, 2012, when TWIGS Ministry was dedicated as an independent ministry.

Pastor Rhymer leaves her employment of program manager at the University of the Virgin Islands, Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning, (UVI CELL) in this season to fully realize on the vision and mission of Twigs Ministry, Inc. and to shift to a new focus in ministry and Military Resilience.  She has over 30 years of financial management and banking experience, a certified mental health first aid agent and holds a variety of business, counseling, teaching, regulatory, ministerial, leadership and management certifications.  She is affiliated and engaged with several groups and organizations relating to gun violence, family relations, and crisis intervention.

Pastor Julie is well known for her ability to empower, educate, counsel and lead women to their next level of spiritual excellence.  She is a dynamic sought after speaker, prayer warrior, facilitator, youth director, inspirational coach, and renown for her “keep it real” women sessions.   She is a veteran of the visionary, Catch the Vision Youth Conference of in Him Ministries, New York and is also a member of Omega Sisters Ministry of Miami, Florida.  She is a conference host and keynote speaker at retreats, conferences, and special events.  Her ministry extends, but not limited, to women, youths, family, and community engagement.  She is a prayer partner on Speak the Word Ministries Start Your Day Right in Prayer daily conference line and has been featured on local government channels, newspapers and other sources for training/development, and other community events. She currently hosts a radio program every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month to bring awareness and identity to individuals in all walks of life.

Above all Pastor Julie is a Woman of God who is humbly honored to serve God’s people and her community.  She is anointed to teach and preach as His Spirit leads and to equip others by sharing her life experiences as God directs.  She believes in the experience of the full manifestation of the Spirit’s gifts.  She proclaims to all, “Work for the Lord, the pay may not be great, but the retirement plan and rewards are out of this world” – God is faithful – Keep the faith!